# VAST Tag Integration

A VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) tag is a HTTP or HTTPS URL that points to a VAST XML feed.

To set up video using VAST Tag, please complete the following steps:

  1. Create a publisher account.
  2. Submit your apps or website and the ad placements.

# Request URL

Request Method: GET

  • SG Endpoint URL: https://apac.xyz.svr-algorix.com/rtb/vasttag
  • US Endpoint URL: https://use.xyz.svr-algorix.com/rtb/vasttag
  • EUC Endpoint URL: https://euc.xyz.svr-algorix.com/rtb/vasttag
  • Global Endpoint URL: https://xyz.svr-algorix.com/rtb/vasttag

# Request Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description Example
sid int Yes Supply ID
token string Yes Supply Token
app_id string Yes APP ID.
adslot_id int Yes Adslot id(Placement Id).
app.bundle string Yes A platform-specific application identifier intended to be unique to the app com.bestai.scannerlite (for Android)
382201985 (for iOS)
12 (Roku)
app.store_id string No Following IAB Store ID standard, the unique identifier assigned to a given app when integrated in an app store. Refer to list Store ID 12 (Roku store id, it is Netflix)
app.name string Yes App Name, From the iTunes or Play store. Text Scanner OCR
url string Yes App Store URL.
Please make sure URL encode it once.
ifa string Yes Advertising ID. Apple IDFA or Google Advertising ID. a098ce09-76f8-4aec-9775-4e4fd293e441
vwd int Yes Video ad width. 720
vht int Yes Video ad height. 1280
dev.type int Yes Device type categories. Refer to list Device Type 1
dev.os int Yes Device operating system. Refer to list OS 2
dev.osv string No Device operating system version. 10.0.0
dev.brand string No The brand of device. samsung
dev.model string No The model of device. SM-A310F
ip string No Ip address of user client.
It is mandatory when request sent from backend server.
ua string No User Agent.
Please make sure URL encode it once.
cat string No String of IAB content categories that describe the current page or view of the app. Refer to list IAB Category Type IAB19
gdpr int No Flag indicating if this request is subject to the GDPR regulations established by the EU, where 0 = No, 1 = yes. 0
gdpr_consent string No If gdpr = 1, this string gives consent information of various vendors.
coppa int No Flag indicating if this request is subject to the COPPA regulations established by the USA FTC, where 0 = No, 1 = yes. 0
us_privacy string No Applicable to requests subject to CCPA regulations. Must follow the U.S. Privacy string format per IAB spec. This attribute is always passed when applicable to affected regions.
dnt int No Standard "Do Not Track" flag as set in the header by the browser, where 0 = tracking is unrestricted, 1 = do not track. 0
cb string Yes Cache buster. A random string to avoid browser caching 24687
protocols string No Supported video protocols, multiple value are separated by commas. Refer to list Protocols 2,3,5,6
minduration int No Minimum video ad duration in seconds. 15
maxduration int No Maximum video ad duration in seconds 30

# Requests Sample


Sample request URL with filled parameters


# VAST response specifications

The bid response adhere to the following specifications:

  • Maximum 60-second video duration
  • Minimum bitrate of 250 kbps
  • mp4 media file
  • Supported VAST protocols: VAST 2.0、VAST 3.0、VAST 2.0 Wrapper、VAST 3.0 Wrapper
Response Http Code Description
204 No Bid
400 Bad Request, please check the parameters you passed

# Appendix

# Device Type

value Description
0 Unknown
1 Phone
2 Tablet
5 PC

# OS

value Description
0 Unknow
1 iOS
2 Android
4 Linux
5 MacOS
6 Windows
11 tvOS
12 Roku
13 Amazon
14 Microsoft
15 Samsung Smart TV
16 LG Smart TV
17 Sony Playstation
18 Vizio
19 Philips Smart TV
50 Tizen
51 KaiOS

# IAB Category Type

value Description
IAB1 Arts & Entertainment
IAB2 Automotive
IAB3 Business
IAB4 Careers
IAB5 Education
IAB6 Family & Parenting
IAB7 Health & Fitness
IAB8 Food & Drink
IAB9 Hobbies & Interests
IAB10 Home & Garden
IAB11 Law, Gov’t & Politics
IAB12 News
IAB13 Personal Finance
IAB14 Society
IAB15 Science
IAB16 Pets
IAB17 Sports
IAB18 Style & Fashion
IAB19 Technology & Computing
IAB20 Travel
IAB21 Real Estate
IAB22 Shopping
IAB23 Religion & Spirituality
IAB24 Uncategorized
IAB25 Non-Standard Content
IAB26 Illegal Content

# Store ID

Platform Identifier Example Where to find this ID?
iOS & tvOS Numeric iOS store ID auto-generated by Apple App Store. 886445756 https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tubi-watch-movies-tv-
Android (mobile & CTV) Developer defined alpha-numeric value that is unique across the Google Play store (often in a com.appname format) com.tubitv https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tubitv
Roku Numeric ID auto- generated by Roku. 41468 https://channelstore.roku.com/details/7c34d32446def6

The bundle ID is available in the html meta-tags in the page source following IABTL app-ads.txt guidelines:

<meta name="appstore:store_id" content="41468">
<meta name="appstore:bundle_id" content="41468">

A full index of certified Roku channels appears here: https://channelstore.roku.com/sitemap-index.xml
Amazon Alpha-numeric Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). B075NTHVJW https://www.amazon.com/Tubi-Inc/dp/B075NTHVJW
Microsoft Alpha-numeric ID auto-generated by Microsoft. 9n1sv6841f0b https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/tubi-free-movies-
Samsung smart TV Numeric ID assigned by the Samsung app store. Numer ID is prefaced with “G” G15115002089 https://www.samsung.com/us/appstore/app/G15115002089
LG Smart TV Numeric store ID assigned by the LG app store. 70503 https://us.lgappstv.com/main/tvapp/detail?appId=70503
Sony Playstation Alpha-numeric ID assigned by the Playstation app store. UP8834- CUSA08686_00- TUBITVPS40000 000 https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP8834-
Vizio Developer defined appname, with a “vizio” prefix, that is unique across the VIZIO smart-tv-apps page. (Will always appear in a vizio.appname format) vizio.tubitv https://www.vizio.com/smart-tv-apps?appName=tubitv&appId=vizio.tubitv
Philips Smart TV Numeric store ID assigned by the Philips appstore. 20006184 https://www.zeasn.tv/whaleeco/appstore/detail?appid=20006184

# Protocols

value Description
1 VAST 1.0
2 VAST 2.0
3 VAST 3.0
4 VAST 1.0 Wrapper
5 VAST 2.0 Wrapper
6 VAST 3.0 Wrapper
7 VAST 4.0
8 VAST 4.0 Wrapper
9 DAAST 1.0
10 DAAST 1.0 Wrapper

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