# Support Native Browser Clicks

Algorix use imp.ext.brsrclk to flag native browser supply in bidrequest. if imp.ext.brsrclk: 1, means native browser will opened upon when clicking the creative in an app.

# Implementation Steps

  • Encode the Click URL if it is not already URL encoded.

    Click URL sample: https://www.clk.dsp.com
    URL Encoded: https%3a%2f%2fwww.clk.dsp.com
  • Append the algorix custom prefix algorixnativebrowser://navigate?url= before the encoded click URL as shown below.

  • Replace the old click URL with the newly created one in bidresponse.


  • If the intended clickthrough URL is not exposed within the ad creative code then implementation of the native browser click scheme may not be possible.
  • If algorix custom prefix is not append, algorix will open the landing page in the embedded browser.

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